Company Profile

The company was founded in 1990 by N.Kassoris with 20 years knowledge and experience in injection mould’s manufacture and management of injection machinery, operation machines, S.Perivolaris and E.Sofianos both with relevant market experience in plumbing and sanitary ware. This collaboration achieved their objectives which were to make SPEK’s products as the most competitive in price and quality in the domestic market. Also in 1992 the company began to export its products.

With the acquisition of machinery, the company designed and produced a big variety of high quality products such as spiral traps, floating valves, WC toilet tanks and pneumatic (air evacuation activation) hydraulic flush mechanisms. This variety of different types and combinations of SPEK’s products offers solutions in various applications that usually occurs depending customer’s needs.

In 2004 the reins of the company took V.Perivolaris and K.Sofianos while N.Kassoris continues to participate and offers its services until today.

In 2008 the company purchased land 8.000 m² located next to the 68th km, National Highway of Athens-Thessaloniki where erected in year 2010 facilities of 2.000 m².

In early 2011 the company moved to its new premises where the 36 persons SPEK faculty and staff continues to create infrastructure for development, deployment and application of new technologies and methods in active.

SPEK holds a high position in the domestic market, something that managed the marketing of quality products as well as customer service and with perspectives we export to various countries like Israel, Egypt, Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Syria, Malta, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and recently to the UAE Dubai.

Our objective from the very beginning until today is the design and production of high quality products. Providing excellence in alternatives, in plumbing products and spare parts, which are applicable in sanitary ware, SPEK aims to meet and satisfy customer needs, both in Greece and abroad.

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