Pneumatic flush mechanisms - DUO SPEK


Pneumatic flush mechanism DUO SPEK 2/7E

DUO SPEK mechanism for water saving.

The mechanism includes :

-Body of pneumatic flush mechanism full set DUO SPEK 2" with adjustable overflow and float.
-Button No 2/7E  for diameter 39 mm (code 20703)
-Two silicone PVC  pipe 33cm and 28cm.
-Conical rubber 2''.
-Plastic ring 2''.
-Plastic nut 2'' (ABS).
-Set of antimagnetic stainless steel screws 8cm (code 41964)
-Tap Νο 2 chromed (code 40200).
-Adjustable plastic floating valve 1/2” side and/or bottom inlet 5-23cm (code 62123)
-Small plastic stick 5cm.
-White pipe for floating valve that reduces noise (code 11098)
-Round floating bladder Φ90 (code 60001)
-Emmanuela rubber ring. (code 26001)
-Plastic yellow spanner.
-Inside DUOSPEK single carton box.

The installation of this mechanism is the same as the simple mechanism. Care must be taken in installation (as indicated at the diagram on the left), to the silicone tubes and also to the coverage of the float with water.
Price: 20.20 €
Packing: 12 Pcs