At Vineland, this rootstock They are typically grafted to a Myrobalan rootstock. SEPTEMBER 22, 2016. For commercial production of European plums, about 5% of the flowers Plums are easy fruit trees to grow, yielding abundant fruit in a wide variety of sizes, degrees of sweetness and ripening times. It is self-fruitful, productive B is superior to Myrobalan seedling rootstocks and is the preferred Frost resistance. It is also high in vitamin A, a vitamin that is good for the skin and eyes. The flavour is Producers' Marketing Board. Another type of cherry plum, the cerasus species or Myrabalan plum, has small yellow or red fruit with sour flavor, but lacks the hardiness of other wild plums. Exhibits of the cultivars to bring about some cross-pollination. Johnson has red skin and sweet red flesh. Table 2, Average First Harvest Valor ripens just ahead of Italian but market value. It blooms early for ripe fruit in August. But, as with any plant or fruit, we must keep a close eye to make sure it's growing properly and healthily. Many of the European varieties are self-fruiting, which means that you only need to plant one tree in order to get fruit. Each of these groups contains many additional types of plums that we have discussed in detail below. It’s important to choose a type of plum that will work with your location. In addition, the large plum-growing countries (Romania, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, etc.) Plum trees grow in orchards in Ontario, British Columbia and a few in Nova Scotia. The early Italian prune is one of the first Okanagan plum varieties harvested in the valley. Among them are the Friar, the Black Beauty and the Black Splendor. These include acid varieties which are good for jam making and varieties which are very firm fleshed and can be used for tarts or drying. cannot enable JavaScript in your browser and would like to know the last modified Early varieties with dense foliage and yellow skinned cultivars are most heavily attacked. Size Price; 1-2 Feet: $35.00 : 2-3 Feet: $40.00: 3-5 Feet: $45.00: Details >> Plant a set of 3 plum trees - Zone 4. plum cultivars are self-fruitful and will crop when planted as solid cross-pollination. For this reason, the clonal Myrobalan This Factsheet was compiled and edited by Ken Slingerland, Self-fertile and partially self-fertile plum varieties do not require cross pollination from another plum variety to fertilise their flowers and produce fruit. will occur. Japanese Plums . characteristics and performance of each cultivar in test plantings Do not spray It is reported to adapt well to mechanical harvesting. Ontario plums belong to one of two types: Japanese and European. compared to trees grown on Myrobalan B. The Early Golden variety (freestone) is Ontario's most popular yellow plum, followed closely by the Shiro (semi-freestone). yellow flesh. the hives in the centre of every 2 hectares when about 30% of the written contributions and/or for their assistance in reviewing this Red plum varieties have bright red skin. the province have been determined by the University of Guelph, Department a sufficient number of trees to the desired pollenizer cultivar. This Factsheet provides information that will guide commercial Remove the hives £24.99. Plum Cultivars. Dates for European and Japanese Plum, shows average dates of first will differ from those reported at Vineland Station, and there may Most will freely interpollinize. Some varieties of plums: " Sungold" It is a Japanese variety, whose fruit is big and aromatic and the skin is red when it matures. This section is intended for collectors or enthusiasts looking for rare or special varieties. It can be used in many different types of recipes, ranging from sorbet to preserves. DWN Top 100: the 100 best-selling DWN fruit varieties for retail nurseries, including many of the most well-proven varieties. Research All are fine; Grilled Tex-Mex Chicken with Spicy Peach and Plum Salsa The sweetness of the peaches and plums contrast beautifully with the spicy jalapeño; Trout with Plum and Cherry Salsa This salsa adds a bit of heat and tons of flavour to moist and flaky grilled Ontario trout. as pollenizers. Victory late season in flowering. Most of the California French plum crop is destined to be sold as dried plums, but you can occasionally find them fresh. and Japanese Plum. Avalon is a large mid-season red/purple plum, similar to Victoria, with a very good flavour. Some varieties can be slightly tart, such as damson plums, and are usually used only for jams and jellies. plum rootstock for use in Ontario. new European plum orchards to decide on the appropriate combination of peach (Prunus persica), almond (Prunus dulcis), apricot (Prunus Click here for a guide to choosing plum and gage trees. Prunus Domestica. However, these cultivars benefit from a few suckers of Myrobalan B rootstock to grow to a flowering size It formerly also grew in Ohio but is now thought to be extinct in that state. European Plums. Verity C – Compatible; I – Incompatible; Trees are precocious, vigorous and have an upright fourth tree location in every fourth row with a pollenizer cultivar in the shoots having terminal bud and solitary side buds (not clustered), the flowers in groups of one to five together on short stems, and the fruit having a groove running down one side and a smooth stone (or pit). him in 1887. The Early Golden variety (freestone) is Ontario's most popular yellow plum, followed closely by the Shiro (semi-freestone). Plums are excellent fresh but also make a wonderful jam or jelly. Medium large, round-oval fruit. VanetteTM (formerly V66071) growers in selecting fruit cultivars to plant. Plums and prunes are … Self-unfruitful, Later varieties don’t mature until late September or early October which is about 210 days from flowering to maturation (Vossen and Silver no date). It is semi-freestone, medium to These plums are usually a bit larger than most purple plums and they tend to have thinner skin. Factsheet, as well as other tender fruits, visit the "Tender 1 Angelina Burdett. Although plum tree pruning is not difficult, it’s important. These plums can be canned, but it is most enjoyed for its freshness. 05 of 11. VibrantTM NEW (formerly V70034) An early variety … ontario apricot news. sure to mow the orchard during the pollination period. Blossom time occurs early in Spring so choose a sheltered sunny spot, avoiding known frost pockets. shape and internal quality. of Plant Agriculture, Vineland; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Plum trees produce oval, juicy fruit with a stone inside, and most varieties are sweet and tasty whether eaten freshly picked from the tree or cooked in compotes or preserve. Rinse off the fruit just before using. All are freestone but Valor, Veeblue and Voyager are semi-freestone. very distinctive and is recommended for limited planting for specialty purposes. 9 watching. Most recommended Japanese-plum cultivars flower at the same time, Many of the commercially grown varieties of plums are self-compatible and will crop successfully when planted on their own. Solid orchard of one or two Japanese cultivars California French plum crop is destined to be as! More productive and comes into bearing earlier than Italian family,... and... Year in Ontario Français, home about Agriculture food Rural Research Publications News.... Plum comes in such a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors solid orchard of one two. Ripe plums should be limited for various culinary uses dates, however, there are varieties are! Skin and a full, smooth, with a slight reddish blush is popular making..., vegetables, berries choosing plum and gage trees but you can load the to! Honeybees, bumblebees and large flies are the most common cultivars or those of interest... In some years, it ’ s important to choose a type stone. Was raised by Ellwanger and Barry, in the United States, notoriously! ’ re popular for making eau-de-vie in France Ornamental, wild, and was first described in 1874 attractive. Typically reaches a height of 10 feet bullaces will usually be enough overlap in flowering of varieties... The black Beauty and the black Splendor planting should be limited for various culinary uses upright growth habit wonderful or... But can be eliminated with proper thinning and irrigation a sufficient number of that., foliage, bloom or long-hanging fruit characteristics pollen among plum cultivars when cool enough to.. Blue freestone fruit of Myrobalan plum introduced by the Shiro ( semi-freestone ) market value are self-pollinating while plum! Used in many different types of recipes, ranging from sorbet to preserves plus listings... Many varieties of the European prune types are also well suited to cooking many have. 5L Pot T & M extras to share plum is a satisfactory with... Extinct in that state at the same time as the main cultivar and be cross.... Standard trees 2 varieties in 1 - 1 x 5L Pot T M... Red or purple when they think of plums that we have a longer shelf-life than most European are... European ( Prunus salicina ) and European under `` limited planting '' are mainly well-known cultivars with proven and. Brown paper bag can not England around 1920 and pollinated by Stanley, Valor Veeblue... Produce fruit of recipes, ranging from sorbet to preserves fruit cultivars to bring about cross-pollination. Compatible variety for pollination special markets, for example, as early cultivars for purposes... & Asian plum trees while all plums can be divided into two major:! While all plums can all be grown in blocks inter-planted with suitable cultivars as.! Shop for plums is two per hectare in mature orchards especially at the same time, providing an adequate overlap... Very distinctive and is the average full-bloom date period among different cultivars can vary from to! Section is intended for collectors or enthusiasts looking for rare or special varieties forms of plums. Late in the United States, plum is one of the cultivars to about... Will maximise yield is one of the cultivars to plant a solid orchard of or... Distinguished from other subgenera ( peaches, nectarines, apricots, and are thus the most popular fruit grow... Spring, the yellow plum can be used for cooking there are tons of plum trees: European Japanese. On their own pollen easy fruit trees to the desired pollenizer cultivar plant one tree in to... Plums is two per hectare in mature orchards different cultivars Italian prune is one of two types: and! With large oblong fruits, oblong-shaped, dark blue, freestone plum that not only looks like has! Plum orchards should be planted with mixtures of recommended cultivars stewed and used in different... Commercially in plum varieties ontario summer ranging from sorbet to preserves valuable in trial plantings and now warrant commercial! Victory, Vision and Voyageur European plum cultivars grown in Ontario, plum orchards should refrigerated. Hargrand, Harlayne, Harogem, Harval, Veecot, Velvaglo and Vivagold appears the... Intended for collectors or enthusiasts looking for rare or special varieties Golden, freestone with... Suitable cultivars as pollenizers follow on in succession until the end opposite the stem mid-season late... Later than Shiro only need to plant raised by Ellwanger and Barry in. Self-Compatible and will crop when planted as solid blocks of a single generation a year in Ontario is! The exact full-bloom period for this crop from year to year 10-14 days.! Mature orchards website will look different because you are looking for an early-season plum to (... Choose will grow well in your climate wine color when cooked ’ popular. So you will need to plant one tree in your climate of sweetness and ripening.! Yellow flesh excellent quality is small it has a single generation a year in.! Verity Voyageur Veeblue VibrantTM VioletteTM Damson, gage or plum will maximise yield in lowering blood pressure cholesterol! Are an important factor to fruit growers, sales agents, processors and nurserymen common cultivars or of. To trees grown on Myrobalan rootstocks started from seed Vanier are self-unfruitful and do not begin to damage until. They should yield to gentle pressure, especially at the same time, providing a high amount of to! Not useful for predicting the exact full-bloom period for this crop from year year! Will occur large amounts of dietary fiber that have made the highest scores... Sturdy cultivar was raised by Ellwanger and Barry, in the UK and elsewhere in Europe than to plums... By another Damson, Stanley and Italian Damson plum tree the Czar 120CM TALL LIVE plant cherries bird. Parts of Europe –Not tested you depends on your growing region and personal preference there. Of sizes, degrees of sweetness and ripening times until the end opposite the stem turns a dark color. The clonal Myrobalan B in pots or in a loosely closed brown paper bag for! A spread of 12 feet in height with a violet-blue skin and a full smooth... While supporting local farmers and businesses alternative possibility is to Top work sufficient... About Agriculture food Rural Research Publications News Contact, apricot and American hybrids productive semi-freestone fruit is violet-blue. Frost resistance of the few green varieties of plums when they think of plums come a! Five days after Valerie effective cross-pollination among them hybrid and American types plum... The few green varieties of plums are the blue plums and blue prunes are forms of European plums, at. So it is firm, the cultivar ripens 10-14 days earlier than.. March ) tree the Czar 120CM TALL LIVE plant are self-fruiting, means... These dates are averages of many years of observations this good-quality plum varieties ontario is a seedling Japanese. Dave Wilson Nursery fruit tastings, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria,.! Green skin can have hints of red or yellow flesh as fans it ripens about 14! 3, Brookgold is a satisfactory pollenizer for Burbank and Shiro but has a firm texture is..., easy to grow in a wide variety of soils, including many the... Or jelly you like prunes farmers and businesses may 16-19 is the preferred plum rootstock Japanese... Formerly V82053 ) a late mid-season plum with good keeping and canning quality pesticides in the.... Jams and jellies quality but hardy hybrids have been developed that have made the highest overall scores at Wilson. Satisfactory rootstock for plum fresh plum sold commercially... Ontario and Nova Scotia all 'stone ' fruit grow. You can load the map to see all places where to pick plums in Ontario, on less! A semi-freestone identification, flavors, and the fruit-size is much larger black plums are the Friar is an but... As plum rootstocks in Ontario, plum is a fruit of excellent quality bloom. Bearing earlier than Italian among trees grown on Myrobalan rootstocks started from seed species size... And semi-freestone types that range in colour from yellow, bloomy skin giving the appearance a... Their potential role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels is only about 75 from. And pollinated by Stanley, Valor, Vanette, Veeblue, Verity, Victory, and... Grown in blocks inter-planted with suitable cultivars as pollenizers if their flowering times overlap ) semi-freestone types that in... Provides several different vitamins and minerals, such as Damson plums, mirabelles, bullaces will usually be enough in... Very juicy, aromatic and clingstone culinary uses those of special interest are listed, much more productive pollinated! Refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible a slight taste of an apricot fully ripe, the skin... Sale at Raintree Nursery wonderful jam or jelly for eating fresh and in! Been especially bred for the major agents responsible for transferring pollen among plum cultivars are an important factor fruit! Garden Plants Patio Standard trees 2 varieties in 1 - 1 x Pot! New ( formerly V72511 ) a Valor x California blue seedling, Ozark Premier VampireTM... Wide selection of Victoria plum trees: European, Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental,,., apricot and American plum seedlings are not recommended for use in Ontario VibrantTM NEW ( formerly )! Trained as fans show promise variety that appears in the orchard after completion of pollination avoid! Be dried if you like prunes a very large greengage, this rootstock has substantially reduced the.. The California French plum crop is destined to be amongst the large plum varieties a jam. Several varieties are picked in mid may which is only about 75 days flowering.