There are further systems that rely on tension to keep the spring bars taut. It has 5 inches to 6-inch frame brackets. You don’t have to remove it when backing up. It actively levels and keeps the trailer aligned with the tow vehicle for a safer, smoother ride. The maximum tongue weight is 1,400 pounds and the maximum gross trailer weight is 14,000 pounds. Not only does it provide a very good efficiency, but it also brings in front a resounding value to money. 20% off True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch, Safe Load OEM Gooseneck Ball, Safe Load ISR Gooseneck, Safe Load BW Insert Gooseneck. It is also critical to get one with the correct maximum tongue weight and maximum gross trailer weight. Here is a weight distribution hitch that is unmatched in its job of leveling the trailer and distributing the weight throughout the system, including the axles. As a general rule, if the trailer weighs more than 50 percent of the weight of the towing vehicle, you will need to get a weight distribution hitch. Super convenient without the added hassle of purchasing an entire new hitch! The anti-sway friction areas reside in the sway bar connection points in the head assembly and the trailer bracket connection points. The maximum tongue weight is 600 pounds and the maximum gross trailer weight is 10,000 pound. Best Weight Distribution Hitches Reviews & Recommendations 2020 . One size fits all when sizing you’re the Andersen hitch, this means it can be interchanged from one Van to the next and can tow up to 3500kg GTM or 350kg ball weight. See full review. Other weight distribution hitches have built-in 4 points of sway control. The trunnions are made from 1045 steel which is both strong and resistant to wear. This kit is great to support trailers weighing anywhere between 10,000 to 14,000 pounds. A weight distribution hitch will not increase the towing capacity of your vehicle. It will double up as a standard ball mount if you need it to. Weigh Safe included a few components to ensure the most safe practices possible while towing. We have found many brands of the bar style hitch to have glowing reviews and happy users throughout the country, we just had a bad experience with an unremembered brand. A:  A load leveling hitch cannot increase the total amount of weight that your vehicle can tow. If your caravan is heavier than your tow vehicle, in my opinion it would not be wise to rely on a weight distribution hitch for towing stability. New Weigh-Safe “True Tow” scale hitch for fine tuning adjustable tongue weight with weight-distributing-hitch built in and sway-control. It delivers effective weight distribution and sways control at the same time as giving ample ground clearance. A: The True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch is painted with a high-strength powder coating for rust and corrosion resistance. A weight distribution hitch is a device that attaches the trailer to your vehicle but which is designed to make it easier to steer, turn and brake and generally maneuver a large load safely and in a controlled way. affiliate commission. LEAP Innovations . Some systems have sliding devices termed ‘cams’ which suspend the spring bars and lock into position. Easy height adjustment using our dual pin key lock assembly providing safety from theft and ease with 1” hole increments to provide more accurate height adjustment compared to competitors with 1.75” hole increments. This also means that you will have no restrictions when backing or turning. 1. The concept of trailer weight distribution is related to ‘gross trailer weight’ or GTW and ‘tongue weight’ or TW. The only ethical advice is to either buy a heavier tow vehicle or lighter caravan, as adding a WDH fixes one problem but introduces others.