Pneumatic flush mechanisms - SPECIAL NEMO


Pneumatic flush mechanism SPECIAL NEMO No 1

SPEK suggests : economic solutions

The mechanism includes :

-Body of pneumatic flush mechanism full set  P.S. (ΝΕΜΟ) 2" with adjustable overflow.
-Silicone PVC  pipe 33cm.
-Button No 1 (code 10100)
-Conical rubber 2''.
-Plastic nut (P.S.) 2".
-Set of iron screws 8 cm (code 41308).
-Tap Νο 2 white (code 40204).
-Adjustable plastic floating valve ½” side and/or bottom inlet 5-23cm. (code 62123)
-Small plastic stick 5cm.
-Round floating bladder Φ 90 (code 60001)
-Emmanuela rubber ring (code 26001)
-White pipe for floating valve that reduces noise (code 11098)
-Inside SPECIAL NEMO plastic bag
Price: 9.48 €
Packing: 30 Pcs