A crane had to be used to haul the car out of the stream: 6. crane is a kind of bird with very long legs and neck: 5. The log was hauled up by a crane: 10. Le commandant a eu une crâne idée. For Crane fans, Ms . Showing page 1. Sentence example with the word 'crane' crane andiron, crab, extend, forklift, gaze open-mouthed, griddle, jack, ogle, salamander, stare at, tackle Definition n. United States writer Last update: October 12, 2015. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: As discussed in Section 3.3, utility engineers reported that while installing SCRs for the NOX SIP Call, crane availability has been an issue that can be accommodated with proper planning. They come from many sources and are not checked. Davis describes the origins of his work in loving detail. Thus, to return, in that little anecdote relative to the Conqueror and William Fitz-Osbern, mentioned above, not the crane, but _the flesh of the crane _ is said to have been under-roasted.. The crane list of example sentences with crane. This is particularly relevant for crane rental companies. Necks crane toward the door. Then a crane hoisted him on to the platform: 8. The crane is a large and strong bird. TMZ says that earlier this year, Adam was given a two-year suspended sentence in his hometown of Manchester, England because he kept scaling buildings and cranes and posting it online. Examples of crane in a sentence: 1. The driver slewed his crane round: 11. How to use crane in a sentence. The definition of a crane is a bird with long legs, a long neck and a long bill. Found 46 sentences matching phrase "crane".Found in 5 ms. Closest crane is approximately 100 -150 feet South and East of the helipad.. Example sentences for: crane How can you use “crane” in a sentence? Be warned. Dictionary ! Sentence with the word Crane. The Reverend Mr. Crane (so often chaplain of the Legislature, and known to the irreverent as the chaplain of the Northeastern) is praying now for guidance in the counsels of this great gathering of the people's representatives. Sentence Examples. 2. A corpse is seen, and Crane describes the dead man's beard … Examples of how to use “crane vessel” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs How to use crane in a sentence. So Adam changed cities and found himself nude on the top of some crane in Benidorm, Spain without any ropes or safety precautions. Menu. The driver slewed the crane round: 9. What does crane mean? The crane flew some distance inland and then alighted. Crane's lawyer, Conor Mullin, suggested a federal sentence of 27 to 48 months. . It's difficult to see for crane in a sentence . Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Surroundings of Saugk nia k s are famous for crane roost. 2. Crane pronunciation. 3. a n v d [Please select] 2. The cargo was hoisted aboard by crane: 7. Cranes have long legs and long necks. He said Crane doesn't have a criminal record, pleaded guilty to the offence, and accepts responsibility for his actions. Johnnie, an old friend asks for Crane's help but the request may be impossible for Crane.